The Ghostbusters re-boot is due for release in cinemas Summer 2016 and with it will come a host of new movie merch.

So far the toys that have been announced include board games, blind bags and action figures.

Mattel are launching a range of blind bags, each of which will contain a different figure and when all four are collected a separate ghost can be assembled.

Mattel are also developing a board game, and a range of 6 inch action figures from both the Classic Ghostbusters and from the brand new movie. They are also developing a new Ecto-1 and characters that will fit in the car. And lastly a Proton Pack. Die ghosts die.

Other toys will come from LEGO, Funko and Rubie's costumes.

On a side note other up-coming movie merch include:

Jumanji: Hasbro a looking to develop a new Jumanji board game to go with the new remake.

Hotel Transylvania: Although there are no plans for the new movie, there will be a range of toys to go with the new animated TV series in 2017.

The Smurfs: The new Smurfs movie Get Smurfy has a range of toys currently in development.